Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Session 4050: Day 19 of 31. The Jetty Again. Not good this AM.

I was carried away with some work related programming stuff last night that
I did not get to the bed until past midnight telling myself; "What the heck,
I will get up in the morning!"

Well, I briefly woke up at 5:00 but then I was really still sleepy so I went
back to sleep. When I decided to get out of the bed, it was already 6:30. I
was a bit reluctant to leave the comfort of a bed and get myself in the
frigid water first thing in the morning.

Earlier this week, I was concerned that the weather would crap out and
prevent me from even having an idea of getting out. Once I was wide awake, I
did not hear any gust of wind outside, so that got me stoked a bit, and I
was also originally thinking that I cannot go today too. So I put on my
wetsuit and hop into the car. Really sunny nice morning.

Hoping to get some more actions at the Jetty and also not hoping any better
conditions elsewhere, I went back there. This morning was not great for me
as it was closing out inside and totally not breaking outside... a poor
condition overall with a lot of agitating waves.

At least, though, on the 6'6 board, getting through them to get outside
wasn't much of an issue. I remember a year or more ago that I could not get
out at all and wondering how others were lined up way way outside on the
days like this. Now I think I can join these people. That is all about the
extent of the stokes I could report to you. It remind me of being on boogie
board days. Unlike on being a longer board, I have many options for getting
out, from standard ducking to "throw the board to the other side and jump
on" maneuver.

Well, you did not miss much this morning. Hope for better tomorrow!

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