Saturday, March 27, 2004

Session 4046: Day 15. Stoke 10 at the inside 38th!

We were originally going to go straight to our first Manresa camping
(actually ended up only being able to get the Sunset site.) but from the Hwy
1 driving, all the open beach locations looked like a huge mess, so we
decided to check out the 38th, and that was the right answer. Great
condition just right for my skill level. Not too crowded (in SC standards)
and also great shoulder level gentle sets for every 5-10 minutes. Enough
time to paddle out and rest, then there was a plenty of space for everyone
to take off. I am now capable of scoring very long rides at this location on
the days like this. My Velzy 9'0 continues to perform very well, allow me to
push the edge against the face and gentle cut backs are no problems to keep
the ride going.

I still think that SC folks got it really good when I have to deal with
massive closeouts on a daily basis. But they should watch out because I will
continue to work on these "next to impossible" conditions.

The Sunset Beach state park was a bit further down and most of the camp
sites were not as close to the beach as they are in the Manresa State. One
advantage of this location is that you can actually drive the car right up
to the site whereas the Manresa, you have to go to a drop off site with a
limited parking time then go park the car in the main lot. They were a bit
disorganized and did not assign us a location clearly, with a fear other
mix-ups, we had to move our sites. That was a bit of a hassle, but with a
bit of teamwork, it worked out fine, as we split up to the camp logistics
and the administrative teams and we took care of both dealing with the state
and the local issues.

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