Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Session 4049: Day 18 of 31. The Jetty This Morning

Even though I don't go to The Jetty that often, I do drive by there every
morning. Usually not much going on but once in a while I see the waves I
want to (or can) ride. This was one of the mornings like that. Also
apparently from Jocelyn who was at the Linda Mar, it was pretty bad, so
sometimes the Jetty is a good stand-by to remember to check.

The water was fairly flat between the sets so it was a nice relaxing time
between the sets, but there were some great rolling stuff coming in every so
often, once in a while up to shoulder +.

The morning commute time is an interesting time as the S bound on The 1 gets
very congested, so I get lot of eye contacts with drivers and kids from
yellow busses checking me out as I change. I think that many people are
actually very stoked with the idea of surfing before work.

Interestingly enough, when I am crossing the road, many drivers are so
oblivious that they continue driving at 2 MPH, even if I am looking at them
directly in their eyes! No sharing of any stokes there! One of these days,
my SurfTech might be sticking through their broken windshield (just a

As I was getting ready, Jason from Surfrider found me and decided to join,
so first there were just 3 of us, then a few more started to arrive and the
place became rather competitive as these others were rather good, the take
off zone only being able to hold 3-4 at a time, and just catching and
paddling out quickly.

The "new" 6'6 Fish worked good, did have one successful "diagonal" take off,
and so I think the board is accepting me as a friend.

On the way out Rick checked out my new board too.

The rain and wind started to kick in as I left the beach.

Stoke 7

OK! On to Day 19.


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