Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Session 4042: The Jetty. Not Much

Today the buoy report were indicating swells from W 6-8 Ft at 8 seconds. Typical summer like pattern including the 20 MPH side wind... OK, except for the fog. Deep swells are also very small only 2-3 Ft max. So I did not expect that much in terms of getting good rides, but this month, I am on a mission to surf every day except for the 12th that I missed, so I did go during a lunch break. Nice weather and so forth, but a typical kind of crappy Jetty day where the breaks were happening on waist high shallows. I really did not feel like breaking the board so I just paddled around for about an hour and came back. Not much else today, but I will see I can break my own record.

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