Saturday, August 23, 2003

Saturday AM Suring Wrap Up. Wow! Stoked at 9!

Saturday 8:30 a.m. A northern Santa Cruz spot.

The sun was high up in the blue sky, the south swells are in full swing. SW
swells were going at 16.5 seconds with up to 6 ft. Glassy no wind condition.
Nearly perfect day to start.

I met up with Clio and surfed at a reefy N. SC spot. Nice 1.5 to 2 x
overhead lefts were coming in every 4-5 minutes, and everyone was very
stoked. The only problem at this spot was that this was an A-frame break
with a very small take-off spot so the competition was a bit high among 20
or so surfers. At one point there was a little fight over the wave but we
stayed by the shoulder and watched and surfed the inside section for a
while. This is kind of a dangerous spot and if you are not watching your
course or do not stall early a pile of rock is awaiting at the end. As we
entered the beach, we saw one guy just barely missed the rocks as he came

I caught a nice one with the power of the wave so much that I was going so
fast! The break was further out so there was a plenty of distance to surf.

By 1000 the sets were starting to fizzle out and started to only break
insides. We drove up to Scotts Creek then seeing no good breaking went to
Waddell Creek, as the wind started to pick up we were doing some shoulder
high rough stuff there for an hour.

All in all, this was a perfect day for surfing, and should my skill be
better, I'd have had a lot of good surfing.

That's all for my surfing in August. Be back from our trip in Japan on the
5th. Everyone have a good surfing. I will check back once I get to Osaka. If
you are a new user and posted a message in our Yahoo groups, please wait
until then to activate your account.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

StokeCAST for Friday: Stokes Dwindles to 3-4, Time for INDO board

Surfing today has shown that the situation is getting very low all across
the town. There is no longer any short-board waves and only thing left are
mushy long board waves in N SMC beaches. There is nothing much predicted in
terms of long distance (ground) swells nor local wind swells.

So, for Friday, I suggest you do something else... Perhaps you can still go
out to the beach with your friends and clean up the beach, and/or go see
Step Into Liquid. Go to the Minna Street Gallery in the city at night and
join the final SurfStyle party etc.

Tomorrow through the weekend we will be stoked at Level 4 at best.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

PM Surfing Wrap Up

This morning, there was a company all-hands meeting at 9 a.m. so this
pre-empted my usual morning session. Instead, I showed up early at work, set
up for web-casting.

The meeting went OK with a few glitches, and if you are on my private e-mail
list there will be a list of complaints but, hey, this is a public board, so
let's just say that the meeting did finish without a major issue.

This is a kind of a day, that I just look forward to the reasonable end so
that I can drive out to the ocean. Imagine this, as I drive out, I throw
each piece of cloth into the air, as I am by the beach, you see myself on
board shorts and a rash guard (note that this is a movie scene, so there is
no logic what-so-ever).

The water was sparkling in the sun that was low in the west, and almost
blinding to see the next set coming in. The set were in a good size from
chest to head, and the tide was low so they were coming down quickly. In the
water, I forget about all of the frustrating things at work and just keep
focusing on getting out, anticipating the next good set, and then try to

I was padding out through lots of soups and then a shoulder high wave was
just about to crash on me in a few seconds. I pushed the front of the board
down the water as I put my right toe on to the tail edge of the pad. The
wave started to crumble. Great! The nose is under the water, now I quickly
move my knee back to the toe, and as I felt like being pounded from the top
the board shot up into the sky! The board bounces back on the surface of
calm water.. My belly is still on the exact same spot as before the wave
started to crumble on me. Yeah! I did it, finally, my first perfect duck

Well, catching those fast closing curtain was another story. I did not catch
a wave this evening. I take off then as soon as I do it, I got eaten up by
the waves, instead I was falling down in front of the letter C, and the next
thing, I was tumbling several times in the water. I used to think that this
is the start of my death, but now I just relax. Richard Schmidt told me that
don't pop up right away, stay under until it is safe. Quite true, one
morning early in the spring, I did an immediate pop up to get a gasp of air,
and the next thing, a huge "thonk" sound on top of my head. Glad I had my
Gath helmet on.

So that's all for this evening. Hope you will all have fun day tomorrow.
Stay tuned, my StokeCAST for THU coming next!

Re: [surfinghmb] Reflections: Surfing Is A Form Of Dancing

the first time i went surfing with a teacher,
he said "you have been a dancer, haven't you"
i was amazed that he could tell!
because i wasn't even standing up all that much then!
but he said he could tell that i had done ballet
because i have an awareness of my center of gravity
i feels like dance in how it involves every muscle of your body
if any part of your body doesn't feel "in the zone" with the rest of you
then it comes off as awkward.
the most creative dancer i have seen on a surfboard is
Taj B. in the movie Step into Liquid

gotta go!

> I am just passing on what Steve Pezman told us about Surfing in the
> tour/speech I attended at the Surf Culture exhibit at the San Jose Museum
> this weekend.
> This is not exactly verbatim, but you will get the idea.
> ---
> Surfing is like a form of dancing.
> A surfer is a dancer and the wave is the stage.
> Each dancer has a dancing style of own and you can pretty much tell the
> personality of the person by looking at how the person dances in just a few
> second. Aggressive people dance aggressively and mellow people dance
> mellow....
> ----
> Everytime I go see surfers, I always thought that surfers were doing their
> performance before the beach audience, and I am happy that someone else
> thought the same thing!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Wave Log. Tuesday AM, A N San Mateo County Spot

I had another fun session this morning.

The north end of the beach were getting up to shoulder high with various
degrees of steepness. It was a bit mushy on many sets but occasionally a
more stronger and higher ones to come that broke perfectly well.

A new discovery almost every time I go out!

I found out what was my latest problem was. I was getting too greedy to get
to bigger waves and forgetting about the importance of catching waves. In
fact, one of the competitors at the classic advised me the importance of
catching more waves than scoring a big wave. So going back to the familiar
and a bit gentle spot was a big treat and very rewarding. I caught more
waves in all the waves I caught in the last month. This is an important
balance to strike as if you don't challenge yourself, there is no progress
and if you challenge too much there are more failures preventing progress.

Also this morning is the first time I felt that I am starting to feel more
intimate with the 7'6 board I am using. I really feel that I can command the
board to do what I want to do a bit better and also more importantly I can
sense the board providing feeding back as to the condition of the wave
running through my lower body giving little hints where to go next. After
realizing the feel, I have also realized that I was just letting the board
carry me and not participating in the full potential of the ride. This is
very encouraging! I think that the practice on the Indo Board has been very

I hope you will make good progress this week!

Reflections: Surfing Is A Form Of Dancing

I am just passing on what Steve Pezman told us about Surfing in the
tour/speech I attended at the Surf Culture exhibit at the San Jose Museum
this weekend.

This is not exactly verbatim, but you will get the idea.

Surfing is like a form of dancing.
A surfer is a dancer and the wave is the stage.
Each dancer has a dancing style of own and you can pretty much tell the
personality of the person by looking at how the person dances in just a few
second. Aggressive people dance aggressively and mellow people dance

Everytime I go see surfers, I always thought that surfers were doing their
performance before the beach audience, and I am happy that someone else
thought the same thing!

Monday, August 18, 2003

Surf Log. Linda Mar This Evening

The magical North end returns to LM and it was so much fun being there this
evening. We got lots of gentle chest to shoulder high lefts (my favorite
level) with reforms to top off. Once you get in the pocket you can cost
along with a bit of cutting back, no much effort is needed once you take
off. My buddy Nick came out after his shift ended at 6:00.

Compared to Montara on Sunday with 1.0 to 1.5 head dumper after hard paddle
out, it was a very nice treat and remember about actually taking off on
waves and standing up.

Still though, I don't stand up quick enough to get a hold of the control of
the board. A good portion of the ride is wasted belly boarding on the
surface. I promise I will work on getting up on the board sooner. But to my
credit I can take off when I think I can, so I am onto the next step!

Ducking still sucks with about a success rate of only 10% to 15% at the
best, the 7'6 is still too floaty for it, but I am going to keep practicing
on it until I get it. If I get this right, I can probably start sinking my
8'6 with some success that will be awesome and pretty interesting! Sinking
of the tail part of the board is really really difficult.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Sunday AM StokeCAST 6 to 7 on NW Facing Locations & SC Locations

The swells that we have been waiting for has arrived overnight, and now the
HMB is reading 6 ft level swells at 11 seconds period. My guess is that this
will produce fairly fun waves today on NW facing beaches. There is some
potential of close outs at wide open locations. We shall see.

Also don't forget, I will be at the Surfrider Foundation table at the SJ
Museum of Art "Surf Style Shindig" starting 11 this morning. We will be
there unit 5 p.m.

Friday, August 15, 2003

NW Swells Will Pick Up Probably Starting Next 6 to 12 Hours

The SE PAPA (600 NM W of Eureka) buoy is reporting up to 6 ft of utility
class swells. This will likely to arrive to us later on this afternoon.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Friday AM SotkeCAST Level 5 on W to NW 5 ft, 8 sec local wind swells

The NW swell height is dwindling gradually throughout the day. This pattern
should continue through Friday and by the afternoon, the regular thermal on
shore wind will kick back up to provide blown-out condition. Still there is
really no sign of the S swells so, the best bets are well protected NW open

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

THU AM StokeCAST 5 to 6 on NW facing locations and SC

>From the experience this morning at the LM, we will continue to have fair
but ridable condition tomorrow. The 5 ft NW swell is starting to subside a
bit at the moment and by tomorrow morning, it will be 3-4 ft level with 8 or
more seconds of period. This might cause a bit more "cleaner" condition,
let's hope. Beaches open to NW should produce ridable waves up to shoulder
high. Low incoming tide seemed to work a bit of magic this morning so
hopeful it will tomorrow as well. I will estimate our stoke level will be 5
to 6 tomorrow. Bring your biceps though. Good luck and have fun!

WED AM StokeCAST STOKE Estimate is 4 to 5

>From the looks of the buoy readings, we are going to have lots chops and
small wind-swells mixed in with fairly good quality 3.0 ft 16 - 17 sec
swells right now. Conditions will be poor to only fair at most locations.
So tomorrow morning in N SMC beaches will be good biceps work out to get out
followed by mogul style surfing, I hope we can at least get those, they can
get fun sometimes! No guarantees. Good luck and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Step Into Liquid: Web Site URL is

You can also find previews and more info about the movie here:

Dana Brown's "Step Into Liquid" Is A Must See Movie STOKE=10

I had a chance to see Step Into Liquid tonight before San Francisco area
general showing and I must say that if you surf or interested in surfing
this is a "must see" movie just like his father's "The Endless Summer"

Just like his father's movie Dana takes you to all around the world from
California to stoked lake surfers in Wisconsin, professional women surfers
in Tahiti, Ireland, Vietnam, and even oil tanker wake surfing. Yes, Half
Moon Bay is one of his stops.

This is a movie about love of surfing, why surfers are stoked. I am not
going to write a lot about it, because you just stop reading this, get out
to the closest theater that is showing it, and just go see it.

You will come out of the theater with a Stoke of 10 out of 10!

I would like to thank Live 105 for the invitation and putting this preview
event together. In San Francisco it starts to showing at Embarcadero theatre
starting this Friday.

Re: [surfinghmb] Surfing Back at Cowells

i love the image of cooking an egg on your board

> The weather was so hot and nice. If it was not the wind picking up, we did
> not need a wetsuit. This is the first time I surfed without booties or
> gloves and was totally comfortable! The wax on my board was melting like
> butter. Could have cooked an egg on my board!

Surfing Back at Cowells

We have a couple of Japanese exchange high school students every other
summer in Half Moon Bay, and we usually volunteer to do something fun. We
got two girls coming this year, and so I decided to take them out on a real
California summer experience at Boardwalk and then surfing. Everything
worked out, the girls stood on the board and had a lot of fun memory to take

I have not been back surfing at Cowells for a while but, it is always
interesting to go there and surf. First the waves are almost always very
gentle and easy to catch, sets are mellow and people are too. But the place
was so crowded even on Monday afternoon, I guess it is because the schools
are still out. I would imagine at least there were 80 people out there in
the water and the lineup was rather small due to the size of the swells.
Sometimes, I was completely surrounded and it was like 4 p.m. on the 6th
street in San Francisco. It is almost totally a different surfing
experience, it is very friendly and fun kind of a place. There were a few
"advanced" surfers there who zoomed among people trying hard to take off,
but somehow we can all co-exist.

The weather was so hot and nice. If it was not the wind picking up, we did
not need a wetsuit. This is the first time I surfed without booties or
gloves and was totally comfortable! The wax on my board was melting like
butter. Could have cooked an egg on my board!

Monday, August 11, 2003

TUE StokeCAST. Strong on shore (wind) condition to return. Stoke Estimate is 3 to 4

The strong thermal gradient is back in our cost and that means a lot of
local chops in the next few days (and even longer). Breeze of 10 to 15 mph
are possible. We will most likely to have blown out conditions that will
overpower both any remnant of surfable swells. After this, no swells are in
sight. Only hope is that new movie Stepping Into Liquid is coming out this
weekend! So far this has gotten a very good review.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

MONDAY StokeCast 4 to 5 out of 10

Based on the Point Reyes buoys The S swells are starting to roll in and also
there is some increase in NW local wind swells of 4 ft range at 8 seconds,
so some fun is back on our shores if you pick the right places. Again, south
areas of San Mateo county would be a better bet than the north side, I would
imagine. If you pick the right place(s), you'd be treated with a stoke of 4
to 5, and that's my guess based on surfing at Pescadero.

Other experts are saying that there is nothing after these for a while, so
have fun while you can!

This Morning's Surf Report

We had a chance to try out our new DV rig this morning at Pescadero State.
If you are interested in the resulting edit, here it is.

Enjoy! -- Manabu

SUN AM StokeCAST Update... NW Dwindle Confirmed STOKE=3 to 4

We are now starting to hit down to < 3 ft level in HMB and period getting
shorter. If you are desperate (like I am today) I advise a through up/down
coast search. There might be a faint hope in locations further south of HMB.
It is sunny here though! I will estimate today's stoke
(beginner/intermediate surfers) to be 3/10 or at best 4/10.

Anybody seen Stepping Into Liquid yet?

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Sunday AM StokeCast 5/10. Last chance for the NW Local Windswells, South May Kick In later

There seems to be some small but good actions going on in our area on the
way home this afternoon. Looked like some fun! I get to go out tomorrow AM,
and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the waves will hold out through
tomorrow AM, but already the swells are going down to a 4.0 level on our
outer buoy. SC Co will likely to hold a bit longer than N SM Co. But I am
not sure this is even noticeable. The wind is side to on-shore.

SAT AM StokeCast, Estimated Stoke is 4 to 5 on NW Facing Locations!

The NW swells are holding UP$station=46012$swht$E in the
last several hours. The outer CAL buoy is weakening so looks like we got a
fairly small window of opportunity... just today. We might have a bit of fun
this morning on NW facing locations (Stoke of 4 to 5 out of 10). The S has
dwindled pretty much to nothing over a day. San Mateo surfers, let's go
now. SC surfers will be in the afternoon or try both. Good luck and have
fun! Let me know whether my StokeCast worked or sucked.

Tide Info for Today!

2003-08-09 06:20 PDT Sunrise
2003-08-09 10:23 PDT 4.49 feet High Tide
2003-08-09 14:55 PDT 3.02 feet Low Tide
2003-08-09 20:09 PDT Sunset

Friday, August 08, 2003

SAT STOKECAST = 3 to 4. Outer Swells Starting To Show

It now appears that what we have seen in California buoy this morning is
reaching to our shores at this time. In the last couple of hours the swells
are rapidly peaking back up to 4+ ft level in HMB. These are 9-10 second
swells, so may not be so high quality. So, there is some hope tomorrow. I am
stuck with work tomorrow AM than the rest of the day away from the ocean so
you'd have one less person in the line-up tomorrow, Everyone have fun. Write
in about your catch of the day!

Also, I also posted a general Theft and Vandalism bulletin on the SRSM web
news. Just go to for more news and a few other
good news I posted there in the last day or two. Also as the first step in
community aware surfer, you should sign up on their e-mail news letter.
While I cover a lot more about surfing here, on the SMC side, we cover a lot
more about water quality, environment, and also lots of surf parties and
movie events.

This Week's HMB Review, Surf Related Articles!

Read this week's HMB Review for
- The news on MBNMS meeting last week
- The results and photo from the Classic


In addition to my previous post, take a look at the California buoy's (357
Nautical Miles west of us) trend. There is a clear sign that the surfs are
up significantly further out and in the last several hours.$station=46059$swht$E

Lets keep our fingers crossed but they should hit us soon.

Sea to start waking up. Swell Pattern Changing to West - Weekend Outlook Hopeful May bring the STOKE level by a few notches later on!

Presently the N SM county beaches are in the valley of very low swell area,
but the Scripps Map ( is showing a
slight up trend further north of us. St. Georges is reporting swell class
waves at 4.9 ft.

The local HMB buoy swell plot$station=46012$swht$E
indicates a small but noticeable up trend in the last couple of hours.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

FRI AM STOKECAST POTENTIAL STOKES=1, A Dismal Outlook. Test Drive INDO Board, New Member Welcome etc.

As you can look at the HMB buoy$station=46012$swht$E The S
(0r any) swells are on their last legs. Not only that we gat on-shore
condition so we just have just entered about the worst time of the year.
Look further out, there is nothing in sight in terms of more swells coming.
So tomorrow, let's stay home, go see movies or do something else. The
estimated stoke is 1 to 2 for tomorrow for all everyday surfers at most

* Test Drive of the INDO Board *

The last few flat days prompted me to think about doing something else, so I
ordered the INDO board a few days ago ( It arrived
this morning and when I got home I immediately opened the box. I got the
"regular" size board. It came with a video showing the basics and also other
wakeboarders trying it out.

In 10 minutes of trial I was able to stand on the board and started to
balance, but this is a lot of work for the knee, hip and back muscles. As I
am entering the realm of short-boarding now, this is going to be a good
practice to gain stronger leg and hip muscles and also keeping the upper
body steady for balancing. In just 20 minutes of being on the board I was
sweating hard and the thigh is getting tried. You are supposed to be able to
hang-ten on the board etc., According to the literature many pro surfers use
including Kelly Slater, so I am hopeful for the HMB Surf Classic next year!

* Welcome *

And "polpis157" welcome to the list, and thank you for your post!

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

THU AM Predictions, STOKE POTENTIAL=3 to 4/10. Bring a long board or a short fish.

Over the last day or so the S swells have been shifting a more westerly, and
that might improve the situation a bit for the N SMC beaches But as of this
evening the swells are continue to weaken now down to low 3 to 2 ft out at
HMB buoy. You either have to ride a long board and paddle like crazy or ride
a puny fish on shore breaks. These seems to be the only options. Well,
that's my only guess...

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

WED Potentials STOKE=3-4

Given what was like this morning, my guess would be more of the same. This S
swells we were all exited about is going down. The direction is now shifting
to slightly SSE and that means that even less parts of our beaches will be
directed. My guess tomorrow near HMB will be fairly flat across the board.

AM Surf Wrap Up, STOKE=3

Surfed MS, No real sign of breaks this morning, the swells are probably
going into a wrong direction. any good looking swells mostly ended up being
shore breaks. I was chasing the breaks so started out on the N end then
ended up in the middle then chasing back up N just paddling all over the
places. Both JT and especially LM looked so flat. I almost with that the
wind picks up and start to give us some local wind swells to surf on.

AM Re-Forecasting

I am re-checking the wave directions and now they are coming straight from
the S. (210 to 180) directions. I guess that if this is coming a bit more
from the W then it would be more fun. The swell quality seems to be good at
around 15 to 17 seconds going on the average 3.0 ft. The wave height is
holding up for the last 24 hours and even a bit increased in the last few

Monday, August 04, 2003

TUE AM Guess Cast, STOKE = 5 at best

After surfing at MS this morning which would have been a STOKE 5-6 if you
were an advanced surfer, but it was pretty much STOKE 4 for myself because
of a very limited take-off zone. Passing by the JT, and LM they did not seem
to have anything going. The south swells are holding up at or around 3.0 to
3.5 ft, and in the early morning there is some higher tide condition, so I
should try the MS again. Current prediction seems to suggest that this level
of swell will continue for one or two days, then there seems to be nothing
in sight, so that means more Yoga and other forms of getting in shape. I am
wondering about getting that INDO board to see how well that works out.

The afternoon brought some strong on-shore conditions inside the bay, so
morning would probably be a better bet.

It was kind of strange to go back to the former site of the Classic
competition without the crowd.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Column: After a compeition, participating in a community.

When I first started to surf seriously in May of last year, I felt so
isolated. One surfer from work got a new kid and then moved away to inland,
never to be seen in the ocean again. Another close friend from work who live
very close by also got a new kid and so that meant less surfing. So the
timing was a bit bad, should this have been a year sooner, I would have done
a bit better to start.

I am also a bit shy in front of people so I do not talk much to people on
the line up or do things like that, so I have basically struggled for the
first good 8 months just trying to do it by myself. In the retrospect, this
was a mistake. What I should have done is to join at least a Yahoo group or
something and start to find people at the similar (but a bit better) level
as I was, then try to set up trips to SC or other easy spots near-by. But
you know, just reading the messages in these boards intimidated me so much.
This is part of the reason why I created my web site with information for
beginners and intermediates so at least other people who will be in the same
situation as I was would know that they are not alone.

Fast forward 15 months, and now I was in HMB Classic, and now I had 6 other
surfing friends to either come see me surf, or go actually be in the

So what helped me the most. Going to the Club Ed camp was a big plus, I am
still in touch with Ed, and also made two good friends from it whom we surf.
Because they are SC based, and also active in SC surfing community, I now
feel like I am expanding the network out there. Another biggie is to
participate as a volunteer at Surfrider Foundation San Mateo Chapter. This
is where my geek skills meet totally cool surfing by providing web solutions
for the group.

I am a member of lots of things like museums or Commonwealth club, but in
terms of networking just as members and going to meetings and receptions
never helped me to network. But once you are actively helping something out,
then you can begin to network at a completely different level than being
just being a member.

Through the SRF, we met the organizer of the Surf Classic, and now I know
these guys fairly well, also the guys at the Board Shop as well. By just
entering there and people saw my name up on the board, some Japanese surfers
were curious about me, and so I met several Japanese surfers in the area.

So, if you feel like you are just surfing alone without a support, you
should not only just join as member of a club, but go and do some
volunteering at the group of your choice. I am sure that in most groups
there usually are all sorts of works not completed and you can take up a
small piece of it. You'd be appreciated by everyone, helping the cause or
community, and you get to know the people who are shaping the community. Be
it surfing, or any other stuff you'd be interested in.

Monday's Forecast STOKE=5 on So Facing Beaches

The N waves are almost totally gone but we were gifted by some S swells this
weekend. While they seemed to have gone down throughout Sunday, it appears
that they will be pumping back again for Monday then there will be a period
of more flatness to follow. For more details on this, look at the Stormsurf
Quick Cast section, since I do not quite know how to predict the South
swells that well (i.e., I do not know how to read the model information, I
am working on it though).

The HMB buoy report already is showing an up trend and they are all high
quality 14 to 16 seconds swells at 4-5 ft. So we should again be able to
have fun at some breaks on Monday. Probably WED will be a ground practice
day as it looks. But I am keeping a close eyes on the situation.

I would say the estimated stoke will be around 5, as it has been in the past
4-5 days so far!

Saturday, August 02, 2003

HMB Surfing Classic

So I did go and "compete" in it.

Now I know for sure that this year, I am the worst surfer in HMB! So I need
to practice for the next year so that I will be the next to the worst surfer
in HMB. There were so many good people there so it won't be possible for me
to ever become the best in HMB, but that makes it fun trying.

The waves coming in were much faster today than yesterday, and to make the
matter worse, I could only compete in the long-board division. This was
really bad because first I do not own a real long board. It was a mistake on
my part to get an 8'6 because that isn't considered a long board. So I had
to borrow my friend's SOFTOP 9 ft board. I practiced for a couple of hours
before the heat but I could not just catch any good waves with it. Should I
have registered sooner, I could have been on an Open class, but I also
miss-judged on that as well.

So I have now decided to abandon the whole program of becoming a long-board
surfer and focus the next year on short board styles, which I think I am
getting better at since I have been using my 7'6 for quite some time and I
really like it.

Many of my friends showed up and cheered me up, in addition I had two camera
units going to document the event so I want to see what happens.

My heat kinds of sucked because the waves were coming in so fast that I just
kept pearling all the time and could only get one ride if anything. Also it
was difficult to turn the board of that size.

However, it was a low key event, and I had a lot of fun!

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Friday, August 01, 2003

Saturday AM Predictions STOKE LEVEL=6

The wave pattern has shifted to dominantly South, and the condition for
tomorrow's Half Moon Bay Surf Classic will be bit promising in Montara.We
will likely to have chest to shoulder high faces through tomorrow.

For those participating in the competition, good luck. And for me I need it,
as I will be participating in it for the first time in my life!

The Half Moon Bay Surf Classic will be at Montara North.

The Half Moon Bay Surf Classic will be at Montara North. The race will start
at 8:00 a.m. A $60 beach entry is available but be there at 7:30 before the
contest starts.

If you want to help rig up the place, that starts at 6:45 a.m. just show up
and look for Philip McCoy. Please tell him that you are with the Surfrider

For those attending the contest, good luck to you.

Surf's up!


Manabu Tokunaga
Half Moon Bay, California
How am I surfing? Check my daily wave log at

The Half Moon Bay Surf Classic will be at Montara North.

The Half Moon Bay Surf Classic will be at Montara North. The race will start
at 8:00 a.m. A $60 beach entry is available but be there at 7:30 before the
contest starts.

If you want to help rig upthe place, that starts at 6:45 a.m. just show up
and look for Philip McCoy. Please tell him that you are with the Surfrider

For those attending the contest, good luck to you.

Surf's up!


HMB Surf Classic Update! We don't know yet until 4:00 p.m. Montara North Likely!

I just spoke with Philip McCoy at the REC department and the word has not come out yet as to where we are going to, but Montara North is coming up as the best candidate! BUT WAIT UNTIL 4:00 P.M. today and call the City Hall's 24-hour recording to find out. Of course, I will post another message as soon as I find out.
The City Hall recording can be reached at 650-726-8297
Manabu Tokunaga
Half Moon Bay,  California
How am I surfing? Check my daily wave log at

HMB Surfing Classic - The Beach Selection Will be at 2 PM Today, Friday!

In just a few hours the rec department will announce the location. I will
sure to post the location here (and also at Surfriders Site!).

THU AM Wrap UP, Ran into Jeff Clark + Surfing Montara

I was supposed to hook up with a couple of other surfers at Montara this
morning, it ended up not happening, but that's surfing for you...

On the way to Montara, I stopped by at Twin Berry cafe in El Granada. As I
walked in there to get a coffee and muffin there were a few people standing
in front of a counter making conversation. I had my wet suit on (top down,
of course), and a rash guard too. So I kind of pushed my way in to get my
orders taken care of.

Got the stuff and got out and realized that it was Jeff Clark (of Mavericks
surf shop). So that was an interesting start.

Back to beginner-intermediate surfing realm....

Montara was great, the South has kicked in and we were getting good chest
clean chest highs, and lots of them to catch. There were some good people
showing up and lots of them so the place resembled more like the Pleasure
point with lots of high-speed cross traffic from long boarders, but no
worries, we can all spread out to the north and there were plenty to catch.

The low tide made the waves to come down a bit too quickly so I did lots of
falling under the falls but when I catch them it was so much fun to zoom
lefts and rights!

If you are thinking about getting out today, it will be good day to go out.
Later you go, more south if all the predictions are right.

Just like those surfing real-life TV shows, just the night before a major
competition, I will be going to a surf party tonight, that's surf-style
exhibits and also some live music! Check out the Surfrider San Mateo news

OK that's about it this morning. Everyone have fun!