Thursday, August 07, 2003

FRI AM STOKECAST POTENTIAL STOKES=1, A Dismal Outlook. Test Drive INDO Board, New Member Welcome etc.

As you can look at the HMB buoy$station=46012$swht$E The S
(0r any) swells are on their last legs. Not only that we gat on-shore
condition so we just have just entered about the worst time of the year.
Look further out, there is nothing in sight in terms of more swells coming.
So tomorrow, let's stay home, go see movies or do something else. The
estimated stoke is 1 to 2 for tomorrow for all everyday surfers at most

* Test Drive of the INDO Board *

The last few flat days prompted me to think about doing something else, so I
ordered the INDO board a few days ago ( It arrived
this morning and when I got home I immediately opened the box. I got the
"regular" size board. It came with a video showing the basics and also other
wakeboarders trying it out.

In 10 minutes of trial I was able to stand on the board and started to
balance, but this is a lot of work for the knee, hip and back muscles. As I
am entering the realm of short-boarding now, this is going to be a good
practice to gain stronger leg and hip muscles and also keeping the upper
body steady for balancing. In just 20 minutes of being on the board I was
sweating hard and the thigh is getting tried. You are supposed to be able to
hang-ten on the board etc., According to the literature many pro surfers use
including Kelly Slater, so I am hopeful for the HMB Surf Classic next year!

* Welcome *

And "polpis157" welcome to the list, and thank you for your post!

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