Sunday, August 03, 2003

Monday's Forecast STOKE=5 on So Facing Beaches

The N waves are almost totally gone but we were gifted by some S swells this
weekend. While they seemed to have gone down throughout Sunday, it appears
that they will be pumping back again for Monday then there will be a period
of more flatness to follow. For more details on this, look at the Stormsurf
Quick Cast section, since I do not quite know how to predict the South
swells that well (i.e., I do not know how to read the model information, I
am working on it though).

The HMB buoy report already is showing an up trend and they are all high
quality 14 to 16 seconds swells at 4-5 ft. So we should again be able to
have fun at some breaks on Monday. Probably WED will be a ground practice
day as it looks. But I am keeping a close eyes on the situation.

I would say the estimated stoke will be around 5, as it has been in the past
4-5 days so far!

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