Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Surfing Back at Cowells

We have a couple of Japanese exchange high school students every other
summer in Half Moon Bay, and we usually volunteer to do something fun. We
got two girls coming this year, and so I decided to take them out on a real
California summer experience at Boardwalk and then surfing. Everything
worked out, the girls stood on the board and had a lot of fun memory to take

I have not been back surfing at Cowells for a while but, it is always
interesting to go there and surf. First the waves are almost always very
gentle and easy to catch, sets are mellow and people are too. But the place
was so crowded even on Monday afternoon, I guess it is because the schools
are still out. I would imagine at least there were 80 people out there in
the water and the lineup was rather small due to the size of the swells.
Sometimes, I was completely surrounded and it was like 4 p.m. on the 6th
street in San Francisco. It is almost totally a different surfing
experience, it is very friendly and fun kind of a place. There were a few
"advanced" surfers there who zoomed among people trying hard to take off,
but somehow we can all co-exist.

The weather was so hot and nice. If it was not the wind picking up, we did
not need a wetsuit. This is the first time I surfed without booties or
gloves and was totally comfortable! The wax on my board was melting like
butter. Could have cooked an egg on my board!

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