Friday, August 01, 2003

THU AM Wrap UP, Ran into Jeff Clark + Surfing Montara

I was supposed to hook up with a couple of other surfers at Montara this
morning, it ended up not happening, but that's surfing for you...

On the way to Montara, I stopped by at Twin Berry cafe in El Granada. As I
walked in there to get a coffee and muffin there were a few people standing
in front of a counter making conversation. I had my wet suit on (top down,
of course), and a rash guard too. So I kind of pushed my way in to get my
orders taken care of.

Got the stuff and got out and realized that it was Jeff Clark (of Mavericks
surf shop). So that was an interesting start.

Back to beginner-intermediate surfing realm....

Montara was great, the South has kicked in and we were getting good chest
clean chest highs, and lots of them to catch. There were some good people
showing up and lots of them so the place resembled more like the Pleasure
point with lots of high-speed cross traffic from long boarders, but no
worries, we can all spread out to the north and there were plenty to catch.

The low tide made the waves to come down a bit too quickly so I did lots of
falling under the falls but when I catch them it was so much fun to zoom
lefts and rights!

If you are thinking about getting out today, it will be good day to go out.
Later you go, more south if all the predictions are right.

Just like those surfing real-life TV shows, just the night before a major
competition, I will be going to a surf party tonight, that's surf-style
exhibits and also some live music! Check out the Surfrider San Mateo news

OK that's about it this morning. Everyone have fun!

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