Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Re: [surfinghmb] Reflections: Surfing Is A Form Of Dancing

the first time i went surfing with a teacher,
he said "you have been a dancer, haven't you"
i was amazed that he could tell!
because i wasn't even standing up all that much then!
but he said he could tell that i had done ballet
because i have an awareness of my center of gravity
i feels like dance in how it involves every muscle of your body
if any part of your body doesn't feel "in the zone" with the rest of you
then it comes off as awkward.
the most creative dancer i have seen on a surfboard is
Taj B. in the movie Step into Liquid

gotta go!

> I am just passing on what Steve Pezman told us about Surfing in the
> tour/speech I attended at the Surf Culture exhibit at the San Jose Museum
> this weekend.
> This is not exactly verbatim, but you will get the idea.
> ---
> Surfing is like a form of dancing.
> A surfer is a dancer and the wave is the stage.
> Each dancer has a dancing style of own and you can pretty much tell the
> personality of the person by looking at how the person dances in just a few
> second. Aggressive people dance aggressively and mellow people dance
> mellow....
> ----
> Everytime I go see surfers, I always thought that surfers were doing their
> performance before the beach audience, and I am happy that someone else
> thought the same thing!

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