Saturday, August 09, 2003

SAT AM StokeCast, Estimated Stoke is 4 to 5 on NW Facing Locations!

The NW swells are holding UP$station=46012$swht$E in the
last several hours. The outer CAL buoy is weakening so looks like we got a
fairly small window of opportunity... just today. We might have a bit of fun
this morning on NW facing locations (Stoke of 4 to 5 out of 10). The S has
dwindled pretty much to nothing over a day. San Mateo surfers, let's go
now. SC surfers will be in the afternoon or try both. Good luck and have
fun! Let me know whether my StokeCast worked or sucked.

Tide Info for Today!

2003-08-09 06:20 PDT Sunrise
2003-08-09 10:23 PDT 4.49 feet High Tide
2003-08-09 14:55 PDT 3.02 feet Low Tide
2003-08-09 20:09 PDT Sunset

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