Saturday, August 02, 2003

HMB Surfing Classic

So I did go and "compete" in it.

Now I know for sure that this year, I am the worst surfer in HMB! So I need
to practice for the next year so that I will be the next to the worst surfer
in HMB. There were so many good people there so it won't be possible for me
to ever become the best in HMB, but that makes it fun trying.

The waves coming in were much faster today than yesterday, and to make the
matter worse, I could only compete in the long-board division. This was
really bad because first I do not own a real long board. It was a mistake on
my part to get an 8'6 because that isn't considered a long board. So I had
to borrow my friend's SOFTOP 9 ft board. I practiced for a couple of hours
before the heat but I could not just catch any good waves with it. Should I
have registered sooner, I could have been on an Open class, but I also
miss-judged on that as well.

So I have now decided to abandon the whole program of becoming a long-board
surfer and focus the next year on short board styles, which I think I am
getting better at since I have been using my 7'6 for quite some time and I
really like it.

Many of my friends showed up and cheered me up, in addition I had two camera
units going to document the event so I want to see what happens.

My heat kinds of sucked because the waves were coming in so fast that I just
kept pearling all the time and could only get one ride if anything. Also it
was difficult to turn the board of that size.

However, it was a low key event, and I had a lot of fun!

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