Monday, August 04, 2003

TUE AM Guess Cast, STOKE = 5 at best

After surfing at MS this morning which would have been a STOKE 5-6 if you
were an advanced surfer, but it was pretty much STOKE 4 for myself because
of a very limited take-off zone. Passing by the JT, and LM they did not seem
to have anything going. The south swells are holding up at or around 3.0 to
3.5 ft, and in the early morning there is some higher tide condition, so I
should try the MS again. Current prediction seems to suggest that this level
of swell will continue for one or two days, then there seems to be nothing
in sight, so that means more Yoga and other forms of getting in shape. I am
wondering about getting that INDO board to see how well that works out.

The afternoon brought some strong on-shore conditions inside the bay, so
morning would probably be a better bet.

It was kind of strange to go back to the former site of the Classic
competition without the crowd.

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