Friday, August 08, 2003

SAT STOKECAST = 3 to 4. Outer Swells Starting To Show

It now appears that what we have seen in California buoy this morning is
reaching to our shores at this time. In the last couple of hours the swells
are rapidly peaking back up to 4+ ft level in HMB. These are 9-10 second
swells, so may not be so high quality. So, there is some hope tomorrow. I am
stuck with work tomorrow AM than the rest of the day away from the ocean so
you'd have one less person in the line-up tomorrow, Everyone have fun. Write
in about your catch of the day!

Also, I also posted a general Theft and Vandalism bulletin on the SRSM web
news. Just go to for more news and a few other
good news I posted there in the last day or two. Also as the first step in
community aware surfer, you should sign up on their e-mail news letter.
While I cover a lot more about surfing here, on the SMC side, we cover a lot
more about water quality, environment, and also lots of surf parties and
movie events.

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