Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Dana Brown's "Step Into Liquid" Is A Must See Movie STOKE=10

I had a chance to see Step Into Liquid tonight before San Francisco area
general showing and I must say that if you surf or interested in surfing
this is a "must see" movie just like his father's "The Endless Summer"

Just like his father's movie Dana takes you to all around the world from
California to stoked lake surfers in Wisconsin, professional women surfers
in Tahiti, Ireland, Vietnam, and even oil tanker wake surfing. Yes, Half
Moon Bay is one of his stops.

This is a movie about love of surfing, why surfers are stoked. I am not
going to write a lot about it, because you just stop reading this, get out
to the closest theater that is showing it, and just go see it.

You will come out of the theater with a Stoke of 10 out of 10!

I would like to thank Live 105 for the invitation and putting this preview
event together. In San Francisco it starts to showing at Embarcadero theatre
starting this Friday.

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