Saturday, March 06, 2004

Session 4027: Fun Saturday Morning with Friends: Stoke 7 - 8.

This morning I got together with Ren, Laura, Katy, and Jasmina (I hope I got
that right) at Linda Mar for the AM surfing.
We thought that not much was going on, but we paddled to further north and
we were able to get several soft shoulder high sets, perhaps dozen times,
with some fairly longer rides (for LM that is).

The prevailing NW wind also calmed down all night so the choppiness has gone
down significantly compared to yesterday so getting out was very easy.

The long boarding has worked out very well this week, and so I am continuing
to practice on the long board for another week, it is so much easier to
catch so many many waves! I am getting good practice turning and course
selection techniques with it, and it has been working well. Also we had a
fair number of surfers but we were spread out and taking turns so no drop in
or hogging problems at all, it is really nice when things work out like

Went home and hassled and bustled to go see the Ride at the Asian Film
Festival. We did not think buying advanced tickets was not necessary, but
there was a modest size line and the operator was telling us that it is most
unlikely that we will get in. So we got a lunch in Japan Town and headed
back with a Coffee stop in Portolero Hills.

Stoke 7.5. With it was a bit bigger like yesterday.


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