Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Session 4030: Need a breakthrough

This last couple of months, I have been feeling that I need some kind of a major breakthrough. Unlike the last late summer and fall, I do not feel like I have made a whole lot of advances in the technique. I do feel that I have been getting incremental improvements, but not a major one. Honestly, the injury was a quite a bit of set-back. I think I became a bit more timid about the power of the waves. Building up the confidence would take some time.
My own evaluation is that on a given day, I am probably better than 50% of the people out there, but to be admitted to the next 50% would even be a steeper climb to attain. I am actually setting my life goal to be in the top 20% of recreational surfing situations. Like this morning, I was catching more waves than the most and also paddling out faster than most, but then there still are always a few in almost any lineups that I would still aspire to. Of course, if I go to Santa Cruz or places like I would be outnumbered by those who I would aspire to.
I am rationally aware of the fact that I have now entered the next phase in skill improvements that, perhaps, require additional basis for. Perhaps, more knee strength, more agility in weight shifting, much more powerful take offs....
It might be pointing to the fact that I may need some additional coaching from a professional. Since I have not done that for a year.
Some of the things I really feel the need to do well is to be able to take off on more variety of situations.. bigger, steeper and faster, or even very slow ones. Without it there is no surfing.  I am not desperate, as I know it is a long journey that I have undertaken, especially with me I almost always need to put double the effort of most other people, especially it comes to athletics. But I also know that if I keep at it, things do come together and usually when it happens, it pop up suddenly, and once that happens it usually sticks.
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