Sunday, March 21, 2004

Session 4040: Return to Manresa North

I was hoping that we can do some decent surfing this weekend, but that was shuttered. First the nature did not cooperate did not send me good swells and second if there were some good swells, there was a Kayack contest at the Lane, that means surfing on the West side was out of question. So, we decided to go back Manresa. Last time I was there was probably sometime in August last year! This means that the Spring surfing is upon us!

I was joined by Mark, Clio and Amanda. Amanda was injured so she did not surf but did came with us to show her support! Turned out it was a bit of fun as we had gentle breaks as the tide started to go down, and finally it just became just rough agitating mess as the wind picked up and the tide went down completely. Nevertheless, a nice sunny afternoon in Manresa brought back a lot of good memory about the last year's surfing struggles and adventures with friends, and hope for many more waves to catch with both old and new friends that I have yet to meet!

In terms of surfing, there were some young dudes ripping even in these small coniditions. So it was both frustrating and inspring as usual.

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