Monday, March 15, 2004

Session 4033 - 4034. Sun 3/14 - Sun 3/15 Bonfire & Monday AM

The Saturday morning was a bit nerve wrecking since this was the first big
group outing. We could have communicated the logistics better, as to who to
bring what and when sort of things. But as with anything, practice makes it
perfect. I now know what to do next. Also I lent out my big Webber and I
could not get it back on time so I was wondering what to do about that. Clio
stopped by on the way to the beach so we ended up going to Longs and then
not finding a "camping" type grill, went to Ocean Shore hardware, and there
they did not have one either. But the guy at the store said to lay out some
bricks and then put the metal grill on top which they had. This was a great
idea, as we dug out the sand, made a small fire ring, drop charcoals in it
then grilled bunch of stuff on it. It had a more rustic feel to it and was a
bit hit.

The day started out perfectly and went on perfectly. It was a mini-summer
day in Pacifica, which is a very rare occasion. It seems to happen only 3-4
times a year where the temperature hits close to 80 degrees, no fog, no
wind, and on top of that some decent swells. So it was just a perfect day.
Unfortunately I could not surf too much because I felt like I needed to
round up people, set up the fire site and etc. Also spoke with David
Alexander at length about making him the "official surf instructor" for the

As the outside gotten darker, people surfing got out and gradually gathered
around the fire, finally close to 30 people showed up. It is amazing that
only the June of last year, I created a message board and now we are
gathering this many people!

We had a plenty of wood and so the fire kept burning until close to 10 PM. I
was not the last one to leave.

As for surfing, in spite of the crowded beach, there was a plenty of room
for many of us to surf, and wish I brought out a long board, but on the
other hands, I figured that I would not be able to surf much, so the Hybrid
choice was OK.

Now I have to watch out for myself, or I would never surf again, and might
end up doing other stuff in the name of surfing. I know several people in
that category, like joining an environmental group, or start a surfing club
and coordinating events year around. Though, last night as they left one by
one, just about everyone said that they wanted to do it again.

Session 4034: Monday AM

A complete contrast the yesterday, we had a totally empty beach this
morning. Especially on Mondays, even the morning crowd is fairly thin.
Pretty good set of waves this morning and was really enjoyable, if I can
take off on more waves!

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