Sunday, March 28, 2004

Session 4047: Day 16 of 31. Stoke 8 again at the 38th.

So, today, I loaned my magic Velzy 9.0 to Ren and she had a blast (but I am sure she will not get the same Epoxy Velzy 9'0 :-) Of course, she had a lot of fun with it because it is a magic board. It is a board that catch any size waves and also let you turn on any wave face.

In the meantime, I tried her famed RH 7'8, and I enjoyed it too. I was actually a bit "surfed out" as on Saturday, I really had a lot of great waves, and as I wrote about SC on a good day, I hate SC on a good day because I have to paddle so far back out again. Anyhow, her 7'8 is an excellent board, and it works like a long board, so if anyone is eyeing on this board, I would recommend it.

It was a great fun weekend with Ren, Heidi and Amanda all joining us on the camp. Too bad that Amanda's dog got really ill and she had to cut surfing.

Also, I sold my Nor-Cal 7'6 Egg to Mark on Thursday and for the same price I bought a Randall French 6'6' Fish (Surf Tech, of course), so additional review is upcoming. It is a coinquidink that there is another person on my message board that got a new Fish, but I have been eyeing on this 6'6 Fish for quite sometime as I actually prefer to be on smaller waves but wanting to practice a lot of turning (plus ducking in the summer wind-swells around here).

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