Monday, May 05, 2003

Why the HMB Bouy Is Broken
It has been since November when the bouy here has been out of comission. I finally aksed the people at NDBC (National Data Bouy Center) about why it has been taking so long to resume the operation of this specific bouy. I got the answer and it was ourageous to know that the reason why this is broken is not because of the nature but humans.

The answer:

Thank you for your interest in our NDBC web site. The buoy at 46012 has
failed because of gunshots. This is the sixth time
in the last four years that the buoy has failed because of gunshot punctures.
Evidently, people are firing at the seals and hitting the buoy. Not only does
it cost the government $80,000 to repair the buoy each time it is hit, it
creates a safety hazard. When water floods the buoy, the battery corrosion
creates hazardous hydrogen gas that is explosive. We have retrieved the buoy
and are not going to be placing a buoy back on that station again. We've
asked the NWS Monterey/San Francisco Bay office to work with their marine users
to recommend another location.

NDBC Webmaster

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