Sunday, May 11, 2003

Santa Cruz - Pleasure Point
After checking out the "West Side" which seemed to be dead, we decided to surf at Pleasure Point "in front of O'Neil's House." Nice sunny and warm day with long 3-5 minutes wait between sets, but when they come, they come in 4 to 6 waves a set with chest to shoulder high. Further west at the point they were getting up to head-high waves. It is always a pleasure to surf here because of nice gentle long break line that the area creates very easy to take off and long-ride waves. This has been one of our favorite spot. As the tide came gotten lower the waves started to back off a bit, but we had a lot of good rides. At this spot, it is possible to trim the board direction well after take off that allows me to take a longer ride. Wish I can do the same with the waves here. We took a lunch break at Pleasure Pizza with our wetsuit on still, and then we went back in to the water.

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