Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Surf Report From HMB Jetty This Morning

Current Estimated Condition @ Jetty

North swell 1.4 ft 9 sec NW 303 °
South swell 2.8 ft 17 sec SW 216 °
Min Tide
Winds sideshore 2 mph

The condition was fair with only good waves breaking near the jetty where a dozen long board people were gathering around into a failry small take-off zone. As with yeaterday, the tide was too low and the swells were also too low to make a longer lineup. Waiting and waiting around and caught only a few this morning. When the condition becomes quiet like this, I usually paddle around to get a good exercise. The water was a bit cold and supposed to be 52 degrees. Could have used the 8'6 board in this type of situation. It appears that a lot of regular Linda Mar crowd showed up here this morning. Montara and Linda Mar were almost completely flat.

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