Tuesday, May 06, 2003

More Update on the HMB Buoy

Got more response from NDBC this morning as following.

Thanks for your interest and desire to educate the public. I think the vandal
is a fishermen shooting at seals, and, somehow, I don't think they are the type
that reads the San Jose Mercury or San Francisco Examiner. I just don't think a
rousing good public relations campaign will do any good. We have contacted the
Coast Guard after each incident.

The NWS office in Monterrey (they produce forecast for the entire Bay area)
consulted with a group of local mariners and decided that we would move the buoy
about 5 miles west of its location. They felt that this might be enough of a
move to get it away from active fishing grounds and make it more difficult for the
vandal. The buoy is scheduled for deployment during the second week of June.

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