Sunday, May 18, 2003

Morning with Richard Shcmidt

Clio and I got a 2 hour semi-private with Richard Schmidt (comes out to be $50/hr per person). We did at the Indicators just in front of the monument. It was very worthwhile the lesson because we specifically requested him to show us good take off technique. Some of the things I learned were;

- Front feet not right on the center when flicking up. Need to work on it to correct
- Work on turning technique by pushing the tail
- Stay down on good "athletic" crouching position and turn the shoulder and hip together and push the tail of the board
- Work on some cut backs especially when the last white water is about to consume the run
- Turn around as soon as finishing off the run and paddle back out right away rather than waiting
- Spot and wave selection tips

- Clio learned on how to hold on to the rail as she gets up in a low crouching position.

I have to thank Clio to talk Richard into coming out.

With a bit of start help from Richard, we had a few phenomenal rides on a face of head-high waves. Part of why this worked also is that he knows where the good break begins.
We will work on these technique tips for many of our sessions and then get some more help as we master these techniques.

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