Wednesday, May 28, 2003

THU Prediction

According to the CDIP at Pt. Reyes, the most of the wave energy is on short period wind swells. However, generally the trend has shifted to South swell in last day but also it is generally on a weakning trend. It also has recorded 10 sec. swells from the South. In the last 24 hours there has not been much N activities. So my guess would be that the HMB will be a better bet tomorrow especially in the AM it will be a medium incoming tide, but should expect rough "fair" to "marginal" surfing condition and we will be surfing on a laundry machine surface. The prevailing high pressure system just west of us is holding the nice weather for sometime, but some fog may return starting tomorrow. This also will be helping the afternoon thermal gradient that will blow harder in the N Bay area locations to over 10 mph "on" wind. Combined with the wind, the PM tomorrow would likely be junky across the board in SM county.

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