Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Major Correction on my prediction. Surf at Linda Mar at 4:30 PM. Excellent!

I have finished all work meeting obligations by 4:00 this afternoon, so I decided to stop by at LM before going home. Prior to leaving my office which is located in Brisbane (the Windsurf central) I have realized that the anticipated afternoon wind gust did not happen, so I became somewhat hopeful that there is something in LM. Sure enough by the time I arrived at LM, it was a perfect Malibu weather there with literally hundreds of people both sun bathing and surfing. I even had to wait for my parking spot.

It was a worthwhile wait since the waves are breaking all over the place (and it is just in the blink of closing out), and further out at chest to head height size (further north it was breaking stronger as usual). I got my 7'6 out and started to paddling out. The waves were phenomenally good for LM. Last time I remember the place was this good was late September or October. So I do not know what to say how my prediction was all off. I had quite a good numbers of good steep take offs on my hybrid board and it was a lot of fun. The surface was sometimes flat for good paddle out and then there were some locations and period that were so stormy. I was washed north as I paddled out, and in order to get back into the line, I had to walk south then find a channel to get back out upon each ride. By 6:00 p.m. though the pattern has changed to that regular wind-swell crap so it was the time to call quits. The 7'6 was totally cool and an effective board for this condition, I am glad I have it.

There were so many people out there this afternoon. But most surferes seemed to know what is going on, and on a day like this I felt the strong local vibes the most and I did run into a guy which I preferred that I would not share the same line with him. But then, this might be just my imagination, or have been unlucky just like having had to be nailed on Sunday.

Driving by JT, it was all flat, so my forecast wasn't that bad :-)

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