Saturday, May 03, 2003

Surflog for Mid to End of April

During the middle of April, I have not been updating my HMB Surfing Bookmarks Pages very much because I got very busy helping out the Surfrider San Mateo Couty Chapter's Web Site. This is largly done, and I even set up their own private blog there for their own use. Please let me know about both sites about what you think about them.

Back to surfing, April has been very sporadic. Hampered by series of rain storms that is lasting to May and also conditions have been generally "too big and junky" or nearly nothing at all beaches around here. I did still surf a lot but it is not like the fall or Feb time when beaches around here were great. Now I am starting to believe that what people say about the winter and spring is right. Though before the winter, I could not believe that Winter is the best time to surf.

Nonetheless, I had several good days in the latter half of April. On Saturdays, I usually go to Santa Cruz to surf at Pleasure Point or other areas near by, and I had several good days there. Santa Cruz surfing is always fun because there are usually periods between sets that are totally calm, can paddle out. Then a bunch of sets come in. I have, however, dinged up my 7'6 board twice in a row at Pleasure point, bothtimes hitting a rock either under the water, or falling on the rocks while getting out of the water. This is something we do not have in HMB area where I surf, but in SC, entry and exits are usually lined with rocks, so I must be especially careful in these kind of situations.

In terms of my skill level, I am now at the point where I know when and how to take off from the wave, can paddle comfortably at various conditions. The part that need a lot of work still is taking off at an angle. This has not been easy with either of my 8'6 or 7'6 boards. I am staring to like my 7'0 board especially I really like ducking with this one, and I can see a lot of turning potential with it, since I can get into turns much quicker with it in the bottom of the waves.

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