Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Session 4071: More South Stuff. Period dwindling. Closed out more!

This morning the ground swell period was down to about 17 seconds. It also seemed to pick up more local wind swell stuff that made the situation rather junky so we all had to work with close outs. For experts, I think the Jetty looked great but I am still hesitant to get in there and fight for a small take-off zone. This is a kind of a day that I can take off but immediately after doing so I got consumed by the agitating white water junk that I could not even keep being on the board. Not easy to out run. From various forecast sites, tomorrow we have one more day of this S swells, with more mixed NW wind swells. Today I used my "Gold Fish" and tomorrow I plan to bring out my DT4 again to see if it will make any differences.
When I started surfing, I could not understand why things get poor in the spring and the summer but I think I am gradually joining those pessimistic surfers. I subscribe to Surfpulse surf report that comes out every morning, and 8 out of 10, their OB reports seems to be pessimistic to me the words like  "poor" and "junky" appear a lot. Well, but, I still enjoy being in the water and have a free membership to all-natural gym. No lockers or combo-locks to worry about!
The weather was still great in the 70's at 8:30 when I got out. Still getting gazing from all the drivers that pass by the PCH.

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