Friday, April 02, 2004

Session 4052: Day 21 of 31. The Battle with Appliance Continues!

My battle with the nature continues this week. I pull up to the parking lot
and I hear a lot of wind, so I was almost hesitant to open the door. It is a
kind of a day when you put a board on top of a car, you need to keep it
pressed down so that it won't start flying all over the places. After all
the composite materials like epoxy and fiberglass were design for aircraft
materials, they want to fly.

The spring "upwelling" is also starting causing the water to be much more
salty to taste and solidify fingers and balls at (52 F). I've surfed last
spring at 49 F so this is a preview of what is coming in the next few weeks.
After this is over and water come back up to 56 F, we will start to get into
the dreaded solid summer pattern with fogs, onshores, and mellow waves. A
nice 30 minutes hot bath after a session would be nice on a session like

In the water, it was like being in an appliance store with the demonstration
of powerful fan and washing machine going at the same time, with the surface
agitated up to shoulder levels. Should this have been more agitated, I might
get sea-sick just paddling around.

I am willing to bet that the dozen or so surfers outside had to come here
because of surfing, but because they probably missed being in the water for
the poor conditions in the past few days kept them completely dry.

However, today I was able to catch a couple of short rides so this is a sign
of things improving a bit. The strong current of yesterday has subsided
today too. The main problem was that there are so many waves popping all
over the places that as soon as I caught one, a huge mound of wave just
forms in front of my course and just prohibit me from keep going.

You might all be wondering whether it would have been worthwhile today, but
one thing I got out of it is a lot of exercise and lot of practice getting
out over and under the waves.

The wind is supposed to mellow down a bit this weekend, so I am hopeful.

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