Saturday, April 03, 2004

Session 4053: Day 22/31 Pleasure

I planned to meet up our friends at the Hook this afternoon, but about 5
miles south of The 1, there was a huge accident and the traffic came to a
complete stand-still. But I took my binoculars out and look under the cliff
and there was a dude surfing out there. I don't know how he got there,
probably paddled out from areas near Davenport.

Some people turning around told us that it would be 2 hours before they are
going to open the highway up.

As far as meeting with my friends on time, it became out of question so I
turn the car around, because on the way, I saw N. Waddel making some nice
gentle rollers so I called Clio up and said, we are going to give it up and
I will head back to Waddel and surf there for a bit and heave back to HMB.

Then I saw Swanton Road by the Big Creek Lumbar. I totally forgot about that
road, but I remembered (from my Motorcycle touring days) that I can get
through to Davenport. Turns out it was the right answer, so we completely
bypassed the accident and were back on the way to SC.

Lately I have been really stoked about surfing at the 38th and the peaks at
Pleasure Point. There were some concerns that the waves would be too flat
there, but this place always seems to have something going. Joined by Arthur
and Laura it was really fun to warm up inside then once we were all set we
paddled out all the way to the outside. There was a small competition going
but people were sharing the waves fairly well. Also great to look these hot
women surfers.

Even though the place is still crowded, I had a chance to score a few
overheads today and that made me so happy. There was also a family of Otters
including a fairly young looking one playing in the water right at the

Nice sunny day, a bit of wind and chops, but otherwise a nice sunny surfing

Stoke 8 today (would be 9 if there were more swells).

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