Friday, April 09, 2004

Session 4059: Day 28/31 Fogged In... 3 More Sessions togo!

DST plus longer day means that I have a better choice of time to surf. The
tide was really low this morning but the higher tide in the afternoon, so I
chose to surf in the afternoon. The beach was fogged in almost completely.
Funny that just across the hill, it got really hot.

Overall the condition today was softer and actually kind of fun... a perfect
condition for me to try out the Fish. Today, I got a more substantial rides
out of this board. Definitely the board demands a different style riding as
the place you can stand on is very much smaller than anything I have been
used to. Whether it is the right thing to do or not on the 7'6, I can still
have a room to change the stance after taking off.

Also it is much more sensitive to the weight sifts so even just a bit of
shift in the weight will cause the move to steer, stall or speed up etc. One
funny take-off I had was that I was pushing the tail down so hard that the
tail was carving the water and I was going down rather fast. But this has
given me a confidence that I can try to take off on even steeper waves.

All of that summed up to be rather challenging but a lot of fun.

There were several shortboarders out some of them were quite good, and it is
always good to see how these people are handing the waves.

Also I was glad to see Arthur joining me. We were kind of surfing at
different zones. By the time he arrived though all the good waves were gone!

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