Thursday, April 15, 2004

Session 4064 (D34/31): Day 34. Nice Sunny AM. Glassy. Was a Long Board day & place.

Earlier this week some rain was forecasted today. Also the 8 ft 11 second swell did not look that appetizing. But as usual, I just go. If not for anything, to burn some calories, since I really dislike being on any kind of exercising machine, nor wanting to listen to music while I do it.
In spite of what the NWS told us, it was a nice pure glassy morning without any wind at all. It is really amazing that when there is no wind the waves, especially looking from the back look as if someone put a giant sheet of Saranwrap over. Sometimes, Sushi restaurants make bunch of California rolls and then wrap them in Saranwrap, dark green texture of Nori and the kind of round with few wrinkles. The waves remind me of such textures.
Again, I am shooting myself because I did not get out earlier on a bit lower tide and would have been a bit more fun waves to catch, as the tide was up high and bouncing off the seawalls and cliffs. But I did score a couple of solid rides so that made me happy.
This week's theme continues to be catching more solidly and speeding down the slope sooner, and in these couple of rides, I was able to make some very conscious effort to do so. Also today I really felt that I was planted on the tail traction pad, unlike other times I was planted on tangled leash cord!
There is one guy that I often see there and he spotted me and told me "Aha! You got a nice board!, I recognize you and your old one." Well, with a helmet I am an easy target, but I am glad he was stoked about my new Fish too!
Just three of us towards the end of the session, a friendly, nice Spring surfing. I won't mind if everyday is like today.
Also it is great to hear that Jocelyn has been transformed into one of my surfing BORGS and now she says she is going out no matter what (within reason). Good going! I have successfully transforming Other surfers! It will be you next. Resistance is futile!

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