Sunday, April 04, 2004

Session 4054: Day 23/31 LM: Stoke 8

I was waiting for Arthur to join the lineup at the Pumps and we warmed up
there for a bit. After a while we both got frustrated for not catching
anything significantly, so I said to him. "Do you want to get a humbling
experience" and asked him to follow me. As we paddled further North, soon
enough, the sets were getting higher and higher and we were steering to the
outside to prevent us from being eaten up by the sets. With no wind, it was
a smooth paddling out to the Roundhouse.

Then, I had one of the most phenomenal rides of this year today, so as for
that ride goes it was a Stoke 10. I had one phenomenal ride this morning.
The reason I say so is because I managed to do a perfect cut-back in the
middle of the ride to stay on the ride and also kept the speed. I usually
stall at this point. It was also a lot of work on my kneed to stay on the
ride to push the speed up and when I finished the ride, I had to catch some
breath so I got out to rest.

Several more excellent rides after that though I could not top the ride.

A day like this is so rewarding that all the bad sessions I had last week I
can forgive and forget. I know and I look forward to many more days like

Arthur: I really am impressed with your latest turns! Lock your rail in to
the face more quickly upon take-off!

You should have been here surfing with us!

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