Monday, April 05, 2004

Session 4055: Day 24/31 Windy Junky, Sucky, Low Tidy, Stoke 3

You sometime win and sometime lose. Should have gone to the Jetty this
morning. All the conditions conspired to be a very poor day today. To start
things off there was a strong onshore wind going probably at 15 MPH, then to
top that off, we got low tide and lots of far-shore wind activity causing
lots of agitation. I scored a couple of white-water rides but that was about
it. So that is the extent of the report today. Stoke 3. What a difference a
day makes.

The place was barren, but even on these days there was someone at the beach
I know. I was spotted by Patricia.

One more week to go for 31 consecutive sessions! So, what happens after
31-days? I can go up to 37 days, but then I have to fly to Colorado Springs
for a business trip then stay dry for a week!

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