Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Reflection from the Rockies: Iospea Utah

I must first say that I don't know very much about the Hawaiian/ Polynesian culture nor the Churghe of the Latter Day Sains (LDS). But what I know is that there was a "colony" of LDS members who migrated from Hawaii to the land called Iospea, not too far from Salt Lake City. To condense the story, the town does not really exist any more. There were some problems and also some spread of disease and many decided to go back to their home.

I have only been away from the Pacific for a few days, but thinking about this story, but to me, it looks so sad that they had to give all it up, move to the middle of the mountains only to find out that they had to get back to their origins. Myself, I was born in an island and while I was not so concious of it, I grew up with the ocean around me. I actually did not realize this, but I cannot imagine myself in a world without being close to the ocean. I picked living in the California coast probably because of it. Funny that I was not even aware of this when I move to the Bay Area, but now I know. I have to wake up with the (even the faintest) smell of the ocean, and get back to it before I go to sleep.

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