Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Session 4057: Day 26/31 Storm Surfing

Because of low tide in the morning, I decided to surf in the afternoon at
5:00. The PM surfing plan did not work out all that well either. While the
wind was not bad at all, the water was just a bunch of agitated mess.
Shoulder level chops were all over the seascape and I was actually amazed
myself that I could even managed to get to outside.

I did go out. I did score a few rides but they all abruptly stalled each
time over a popping waves right in front. If it was not for the 31 days of
surfing, I probably stayed out.

On the other hands, it gave me more paddling practice over this kind of
conditions. Stoke 4 today.

You did not miss anything today!

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