Saturday, April 10, 2004

Session 4060: Day 29/31 Sweet & Mellow 38th + Need To Get Up The Board Faster!

The most waves were up to hip high today at the 38th, so it was a very mellow kind of a day. But Clio, Mark and I had a lot of fun today. Also went to "Aloha Grill" on the 17th@Portola afterwards and I had Khalua Pig and Mark ordered a SPAM sushi, which was kind of strange, but edible.

This week I am continued to be obsessed with riding the Fish even though a long board would have been much more appropriate.

In small waves with a short board, everything need move much faster when long boarders have relaxing 5-10 seconds setup, I have to paddle, take off, get in the wave in a matter of 2 seconds. If I can consistently do that I can enjoy this and wider variety of conditions. The Fish can take off on theses mellow hip-highs, not a problem in that area.

Stoke 6. Two more days to go!

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