Wednesday, July 16, 2003

WED AM Surf Report - Linda Mar at 0730, Stoke Level = 5

OK, so as I promised in my last post, I dragged my butt out to go surf at
Linda Mar this morning. Since the theme of this morning was "no matter
what", I did go out regardless of if there is anything out there.

The sun was already out in Pacifica, though HMB was still under a high fog.
There was no wind to speak of. As for the waves, there were period of quick
dampers and occasional chest high real swells were coming in. The tide was a
real minus tide this morning so even good swells damped on. I took out the
7.0 board this morning because anything longer would not just take off. I do
not use this board that often yet, but in these kind of quick breaks, the
shorter board was advantageous as I was able to take off on some of those.
But getting up on this board is another story for my skill level.

I paddled around from the Crespi end to the south end and got good exercise
on this harder to paddle board, so I think I have accomplished my mission
this morning! On a day like this the beach is empty so a few nice swells
are really nice treats for me, and make me feel glad I did take time to come

Looks like the local wind swell condition will be holding up combined the
usual afternoon breeze. This trend is followed by some new arrival of
Southern hemisphere swells toward Saturday!

Possible thunderstorms this Friday through this weekend, just in time for
the So-hemi stuff.

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