Saturday, July 19, 2003

Saturday Wrap Up, 0730 Surfing Linda Mar

There was a considerable amount of wind this morning, however the swells did
hold out fairly well this morning and there were some good 1.5 OVH breaks
out. Unfortunately the shape did not hold due to the morning low tide
condition. By this time, the condition may have improved. I had a couple of
nice drop downs this morning from these bigger waves, but ride did not
continue as the waves closed out just as I executed a take off. Getting out
was a bit easier today, but I opted to wait for calms and paddled out rather
than trying to go over them. When I showed up there were probably 50 surfers
out there, but we were spread out so not causing much problems. In about an
hour the crowd thinned as the wind wave period shortened making almost
impossible for most people to get out, also at the same time the outer
breaks started to back off.

GW cove looked promising, but would have been the same story as Thu night
given Linda Mar was a bit rough.

The Jetty was as usual rather flat to do any surfing.

The anticipated So swells, we are probably still on hold on that.

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