Wednesday, July 09, 2003

PM Surfing Wrap Up, LM @ 5:00 PM STOKE=5

Given the buoy readings this morning, I cut surfing and went straight to work. I usually tell people that when the waves are flat the company gets a deal. So I cut out the work and went back through the coast. Surf check at LM, the condition did not appear to be surprisingly better than my original stoke estimate of 2. I though that this would be a stoke estimate of 7, so I went in.
The waves were junky and choppy, indicative of them being locally generated. If they are mixed in with distant swells, it would be really fun to zoom left and right and connect into inside sections, but none of that was possible today. Up to chest high waves were just breaking and fizzling out right under even if you successfully taken off.
In addition, the line up was so crowded with people, it was a bit dangerous for me to take off since people were grouped together both inside and outside.
The waves continues to be on a down trend.... Better do some Yoga or some other form of keeping up the shape this week!

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