Thursday, July 10, 2003

THU - FRI Forecast and Updates STOKE = 2

Local buoy readings indicate nearly no useful (2-3 ft) swells and a moderate amount of wind (10-11 mph) is out there in HMB coast. The swell pattern is indicative of strong wind waves happening out there. The NW wind continues since the 1005 mb H off our coast and there is an 1009 mb L on northern Baja area. This is, in addition to the usual local thermals.
Weather-wise, we can expect a sunny daytime through Friday, but starting tonight the evening fog is coming back and this trend will continue to worsen and by next week start, we will be back into the standard summer foggy day pattern.
There is a 1005 mb low pressure system further west of Washington state but we also got a 1023 mb high off our coast creating a S->N fetch and I am presently keeping my eyes on the development of these systems. In the next 24 hours, we may see some W waves, and if that happens, and by Friday afternoon or Saturday AM, we might have some fun this weekend.
Let's see if I am right or not.

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