Saturday, July 12, 2003

Sat AM Montara 0900 - 1100, Waves Did Not Live Up To The Weather Stoke=5

While the beach has picked up more waves since yesterday, the ride quality
was marginal as the shape did not quite hold up. Either an immediate
overhead close out or mashed out and do not break (until hit the beach and
explode). Very once in a while I was on OVH breaks that can be taken off
from. The weather was, however, gorgeous, and there were already a lot of
beach-goers out. The wind situation is minimum. Most people were taking off
in the north zone, while there were some people by the far south end, with
couple of shifty zones in between.

The Jetty continues to be flat to knee high as it has been for the last few
days, and not wedging up by the jetty.

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