Tuesday, July 29, 2003

TUE AM Analysis, Estimated STOKE=3 to 4

Tue 0650 PDT: The overall swell sizes are continuing to go down. Presently
we are averaging 4 to 5 ft swells out in HMB. The sign of the south swells
are in 1.9 ft/ 12 sec/ 180 deg (smack from the south), and so in my opinion
it might not have enough power to break at most beaches near by HMB. The
wind is down at the moment but most likely to pick up to the normal
afternoon onshore levels in the afternoon based on the NWS report and also
looking at the buoy readings for the last 3 days.

Also thunder storms are being predicted for the next couple of days and even
a chance of rain this Friday.

I will give an estimated stoke level of 3.5/10 this afternoon.


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