Monday, July 28, 2003

Tuesday Surf Guesscast Possible Stoke = 3

The wind waves from the north is weakening and even at gnarly spot like
Montara looked almost like Lake Tahoe today. At the moment the significant
swell height in our area is only about 3.0 ft. There are some talks of the
south hemi stuff arriving. Checking Pt. Reyes, there are some signs but it
is as yet into a full swing, so tomorrow I will anticipate a minimum (if
moderate) amount of stokes even for beginner surfers.

What you should do for on these flat days?

- Go out anyways, and paddle the entire length of a beach. If there are some
baby waves, try to learn how to eek them out like Clio says.
- Go out anyways, and practice duck diving moves, sinking the front,
shifting the weight to the knee, and sink the back.
- Practice flick up and placement of feet right at the stringer position.
- Practice duck diving motions on a Yoga mat.
- Forget about surfing altogether. Go ride a bike, hike
- Forget all about being active, visit your surfing mom, go to a surf store
and do some B.S.
- Go to Half Moon Bay brewery and ask them to play some Mavericks DVDs.
- Go to Well Within or Tea House in Santa Cruz and just soak and relax
- Pay bills.

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