Wednesday, July 23, 2003

7 AM Linda Mar STOKE=7

Back at LM beach again this morning. Today was a bit more crowded in front
of the pump station. And when I reached the outside and looked back, there
were two dozen surfers waiting! I quickly got out of the line and paddled
north. The weather was clearing as the time went on and the waves were clean
chest high at the pumps and just about head high starting around the Crespi

Not as stoky as yesterday, I got several rides focusing more on turning and
weight shifting today. Not able to execute turns as quickly as better
surfers have been something that I want to be at a similar level. No magic
long ride today.

Also, while the waves were not as big, it was a bit more tiring to get out
and paddle around. So I took it a bit easier today.

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