Thursday, July 03, 2003

THU PM 5:30 at LM - STOKE Level was 7

What a surprise! Amidst poor estimates from all wave models and forecasts, Linda Mar was a lot of fun this afternoon. There were nice chest high "long board" right and left breaks, very consistent near the Crespi entrance. Then there were gentle popping peaks of up to shoulder high towards the north end, where I surfed the most, and I had some of the best quality rides in Pacifica. These popping waves on the north ends are so fun as they are gentle yet pop up and steeps quickly allowing fun take off, and then if you are lucky even steeper waves will reform inside and you can connect to those. I have noticed this pattern last week, but I did not know that this occurs consistently here. Turning into these waves is a lot of fun and you can make quite long rides almost to the shore connecting to reforms. I had similar reform rides in the spring at the Jetty and these are probably one of my most favorite kind of rides as they force me to negotiate the waves make turns. It seems to happen when the waves are a bit choppier and occasional bigger sets gets mixed in with these chops.
There were couple of dozen people by the Crespi end but there were hardly anyone hitting the north end, which is another reason why this is fun, and most people there seemed to know what they are doing, and not getting in each others ways.
I also like this kind of a mild foggy afternoons, because it covers up the low western sun. Tue afternoon at Montara was brutal to my eyes as the blinding sun was shining directly into my eyes and water was reflecting it as well causing my eyes to almost hurt as I look west for the swells.

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