Monday, July 14, 2003

TUE AM Predictions, Stoke Estimate = 5, may be 6

Unfortunately I cannot verify my guesstimate against Stormsurf (on vacation
it seems), nor Pacific Wave Rider (NOAA FTP site broken) today. So you have
to bare with me with my version only. This is a bit scary isn't it!

The waves have kicked up a bit compared to yesterday and out near our shores
about 8 ft (wind) swells are kicking up at 8 seconds period. The steepness
reading in the HMB buoy has relaxed a bit indicating not quite a swell level
but average level. The swell direction is as usual from the NW angle, and
this means that both Montara and LM would catch some among other places that
I am not supposed to tell you on the web!

The wind also is NW, so we can probably expect not completely onshore
situations, but PM wind may pick up a bit, so the AM surfing would be good
but unfortunately we get a minus tide right in the morning so beach breaks
may not work in the AM. General warming trends this week, so and even in HMB
a daytime temp. of 80 may be expected! But don't expect warm water as the
buoy is reading 51-2 degrees out.

OK that's all for now. Have fun!

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