Sunday, August 28, 2005

Session 5185

It is kind of ironic that the day I decided to "pull out" of Santa Cruz is the day to surf with Clio who caused me to surf in Santa Cruz. She was out of surfing since July of last year, but decided to come back to it this afternoon. She even has the same mini-long board that I started really surfing with; it is a Pearson Arrow 8'6 Mini Malibu board. I tried it today just to remember how it was like, and when I got on it, the whole feeling of what it was like came right back to me. It is really interesting and strange that every board has it own characteristics just like how one make of a guitar or a piano would sound and actions feel differently from others. As for this board, it is really good board ready to allow trimming. I wish I had more time on better waves for this condition.

Rewind to the start of the session? We checked out the Cowells beach to see if it is doing anything, and it was lame. There was only one guy out there, the bay was filled in and there seemed to be nothing. So we decided to head straight to Manresa where I know there always are some waves. When we arrived there the water was murky red brown color indicating that there is quite a bit of algal activities out there. We did go in anyways.

The wave were a bit difficult to catch as they were doubling up on every set and also at the same time, closing out? double closing out to be more accurate. I continued to catch the waves even though there was not much to be ridden. It was almost like 2 years ago when we were both working hard to get waves.

So I think it was a successful re-introduction to surfing for Clio and as always I still had fun being challenged with the condition too. There were, yet, some better surfers showed up and they were riding with snap backs, and I was not doing as well, so yes, there will be some more learning to do.

I am really happy that Clio has gotten back into surfing as we met at the Club Ed camp in Baja a few years back and being surfing friends since then and many other people have come and gone in that time.

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