Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Session 5181-5182: Well, The size does matter.

A bit late for the double-header session I did yesterday. It was almost like the start of the winter season and the morning session was really treacherous for my skill level. I did make to the outside with many ducking through. On the outside sets were going well overhead but would have been better if I had a longer board to paddle a bit faster to catch these big waves, really should not have taken the 6'3 since catching the waves on the inside was also felt like "too late." The 45-minute session was just good enough to tire me out before hitting the office. The waves looked especially meaner and bigger with the horizon all shrouded with the fog. Should this have been sunny and with a clear view of the horizon, I would have been able to be there at much more ease. Perhaps, this is a lame excuse, so I now should write on.

In the middle of the day, Surf Doggie drop me an email to look at the Mavs Cam. The reason we do this is because we want to check the texture of the waves. If there a lot of wind in our area, then we can actually figure that out. But we did agree that we will do the bay rather than the northern beaches.

Since I also volunteered to baby sit and surf with Dog Haus in the afternoon, I headed out to a beach near my home in the afternoon. I did one cool thing though, since we were taking turns we decided to do 15-minute heat each turn. That was a good practice for surf competition, and I took each "heat" seriously, practicing from splashing in, fast paddle to the outside to really focus on waves and catching them. The waves in the bay were really fast and again like on the other day, but that gave us good duck diving through practices, focusing on the horizon for wave selections and then catching as many waves as possible. The waves were so closed out due to the low tides that we could not take actual rides but I did take off on many number of waves. Surf Doggie, another close surfing buddy of mine mentioned afterwards that he was surprised how many waves I got into, because he thought I would not make a majority of them.

I am a bit gratified that he has recognized that, since that's exactly what I have been, and continue to be, working on; to get ready to take off into deeper and steeper walls. My 6'3 board was also helpful in this regard because I was able to hold down the back of the board without being overpowered by the waves.

In terms of baby sitting, I got a bit of a short end of a stick. While I was taking care of his kid another strange couple showed up with a girl about 2 years old too, and she wanted to play together, so I ended up doing the work for two while they enjoyed relaxing afternoon. But I trick Dog House to come to the Brewery and I am coercing him for two Mavericks Pale Ales coming my way. Though, given he has been geeking out with his new iPod and text messaging on his phone he might be reading this.

I better stop now.

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